Tibetan Singing Bowl - Traditional Antiqued Copra #131

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Tibetan Singing Bowl - Traditional Copra #131


If you want to travel with a bowl Copra is a good one to take along. They are thin and light weight. Good value for size and price. Big Vibration in these bowls. I have a few different types to choose from...plain, black bottom and a few collector older pieces. Each one is handpicked to sound wonderful. Plays a C# tone.  

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries to calm and heal the body with melodic chimes. When played, they produce complex multiple frequencies and overtones very unique to each individual bowl. The sound and use of the bowl can be changed considerably by just switching the type of stick used. Singing bowls are commonly used for relaxation, focusing, meditation, healing, clearing, yoga sessions, sound and music therapy.

20.5x20.5x10.5 cm