Tibetan Singing Bowl - Traditional Shiny Jam #132

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SOLD - Traditional Tibetan Singing Bowl - Jam #132 G# tone


 This stunning singing bowl is known as a Jam bowl. They are the most common of the hand pounded singing bowls. Almost always, they are made of seven metals to represent the seven celestial bodies: the sun, the moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn. These bowls have adopted the name Jam because it is believed that Jam means tribe or group and it takes many people working at once to make just one of these magnificent bowls. Jam bowls have the wonderful shape of sloping sides and flat bottoms. Although hand pounded bowls are a bit more expensive, they are most defiantly worth it just for the superb, long-resonating sound quality and craftsmanship. And, because they are hand-made, no two bowls will be exactly alike. Each note in pitch of a singing bowl’s song is represented by the chakras of the body; this bowl resonates a G#.  G is associated with the throat chakra and relates to communication and self-expression. This chakra is connected with the thyroid and parathyroids and if it is blocked, it can manifest in problems like laryngitis or sore throats, creative blocks, or general problems communicating with others. This particular bowl is very unique in that it is made with a shiny finish; not common for Jam bowls. The size alone is rare as most large Jam bowls, as they’re crafted, end up damaged or broken which makes this bowl a treasure waiting to find its home. 

16.5x16.5x8 cm